About Us

DNSH is an independent Charitable Corporation recognized by Revenue Canada for Charitable Status Tax purposes since November of 2008.


Ariel View of Boys Dorm

DNSH was established in November of 2005 in response to a visit to India by our founder Mr. David W. McKibbon.  While travelling in the South of India David visited the Cornerstone Orphanage run by the Deva Kirubai Social Help Association, Mr. Isaac Arulappan.   While at the Orphanage he was overwhelmed with the needs of many of the Children and resolved to do something to combat the damaging cycle of poverty that he had witnessed first hand.  Upon his return home to Brighton, David shared his vision with a small group of men who decided to work along with him to make DNSH a reality.

Since its beginning DNSH has participated in a number of life giving projects–providing drinking water, building toilet facilities, purchasing milk cows,  rebuilding homes, assisting sick children, and building a medical clinic. In the Fall of 2008 DNSH received its status as a registered Charity with Revenue Canada.  In that same year DNSH sponsors provided funding to build a new girls dormitory and community centre.

Interactive games to make learning fun

Over the years DNSH has become a source of stability and hope for the Children growing up in the Cornerstone Orphanage. DNSH is presently responsible for providing food, shelter, clothing, and access to education for the children. It is through the generosity of all of our Sponsors and donors that DNSH is able to provide the high-set quality of care for the children in our Sponsorship program.

David McKibbon was the driving force behind DNSH from its modest beginnings until January of 2010, when for reasons of failing health he had to pass the torch to the next generation of visionary leaders. In January 2010 Kenneth Wiles and Vernon Roberts were elected to the Board of Directors and appointed President and Treasurer. These two men had been entrusted with the task of leading DNSH into a new season of growth and development as we sought to fulfill our mandate of helping those who are unable to help themselves. This mandate is being carried on today by the present Board of Directors.


Developing Nations Social Help Charitable Corporation exists to help relieve poverty in developing countries around the world. At the present time our primary focus is in India.

We fulfil this mission by:

  • Providing food and other basic amenities to persons in need.
  • Establishing, operating and maintaining Orphanages, Primary Grade Schools, and Training facilities for persons in need.
  • Improving the quality of drinking water by constructing wells and water treatment, irrigation and sewage treatment systems.
  • Developing and promoting public health by establishing, operating and maintaining Medical Clinics, for the purpose of educating and instructing the public on the prevention of, and curative measures for health problems.


  • Vernon Roberts, Chairman of the Board
  • Sherry Reid, Treasurer
  • Andrew Jackson, Director